Why Is Your Cost of Origination So High?

Posted by Haresh Patel    July 22, 2014

Did you know that a typical origination team only spends about 20 percent of its time finding and closing deals? Does that surprise you? If you tallied up the way your origination team spends their time, would the results be different?

Here at Mercatus, we’ve worked with dozens of solar investors, utilities and independent power producers around the world and have helped asses over 4000 projects that add up to 20GW  worth of solar projects. That experience has given us insight into how companies operate and where they have opportunities for improvement.

Last year, we surveyed originators at some of our clients. We wanted to learn about the challenges they face, what tools could make them more effective, and how we could help them be more successful. One of the most interesting pieces of information from that survey was how originators spend their time.

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Commercial Solar Poised for Takeoff

Posted by Haresh Patel    July 17, 2014

Led by retailers and spurred by government action, more and more businesses are making renewables part of their energy strategy. Not surprisingly, solar plays a big part. Commercial use of solar has soared over the past year, driven by price reductions and tax incentives.

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The Fight for Low-Cost Capital Part I: Yieldcos

Posted by Haresh Patel    July 2, 2014

After decades of research, development, and evolution, solar is finally knocking on the door to become a mainstream energy source. Prices have come down to rival those of traditional energy sources. Financing mechanisms have made solar readily accessible for households and businesses across the country.

There’s only one obstacle keeping solar from busting through: widespread access to low cost capital.

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Solar Power World Magazine Panel: Operations Challenges in the DG Era

Posted by Haresh Patel    June 23, 2014

We were thrilled to recently participate in a panel on operations and maintenance challenges for an upcoming issue of Solar Power World Magazine. The piece is being written by Glenna Wiseman, who posed some insightful questions about distributed gen eration and how it's posing new operational challenges for solar companies.

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10 Ways Solar Entrepreneurs Fool Themselves

Posted by Tim Buchner    May 1, 2014

Blissfully ignorant. That’s the phrase that came to mind as I read an insightful article that was recently posted on Alleywatch.com. Titled “10 Ways Entrepreneurs Deceive Themselves,” it could have been a verbal history of my own entrepreneurial experiences. Seeing as how the entire solar industry is essentially a scaling start-up and all of us are entrepreneurs joining “the gold rush," I felt it would be worthwhile to share the points from the article. I’ve also added in some commentary from my own experience.

As entrepreneurs, we’re all blissfully ignorant to a degree. We tell ourselves that we will be successful when the facts suggest otherwise. We create reasons for our inevitable success so that we can continue marching forward. We embellish to our friends, family, coworkers, and employees so they won’t lose faith.

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Why You May Get Left Behind in the Solar Investing Boom

Posted by Haresh Patel    April 12, 2014

By all accounts, the solar gold rush is on. In March release, Citi’s alternative investment team proclaimed that the “Age of Renewables” was beginning and that price cuts in solar and wind would lead to a flood of consumer demand and increased capacity.

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Solar’s Biggest Installer Uses Mercatus’ Deal Assessment Software to Improve Its Commercial Game

Posted by Haresh Patel    April 4, 2014

A just-completed 4-megawatt project and a just-announced 2.4-megawatt project, both on land owned by the city of Lancaster, Calif., are among the first of SolarCity’s commercial projects to involve a partnership with an outside developer.

Topco is the kind of experienced developer that SolarCity’s in-house team saw as being capable of bringing in bankable commercial-scale opportunities.

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National Real Estate Investor - Mercatus CEO Haresh Patel Discusses Solar as the Next Big Asset Class

Posted by Haresh Patel    February 11, 2014

Is Solar the Next Big Asset Class? Trepp and Mercatus Think So.

Feb. 10, 2014 - National Real Estate Investor
By : Susan Piperato

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Haresh Patel, featured on S&P Capital IQ Series | Energy & M&A Trends

Posted by Haresh Patel    February 6, 2014


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Main Street Power Company Adopts Mercatus Platform To Streamline Solar Finance Analysis

Posted by Haresh Patel    December 17, 2013

Solar Financier Leverages the Mercatus Solution to Drive Growth inCompetitive Solar Markets

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