Why Residential Solar blew past Commercial and Utility Solar, leaving them in the dust

Posted by Haresh Patel    December 17, 2014

Last week, at the GTM Solar Market Insight Conference in San Diego, I spoke on a panel called ‘Cracking the Code on Small Commercial’. To me, the important fact presented by GTM is that residential solar is blowing past the commercial segment in terms of growth and total installations, while commercial and industrial (C&I) scale installations have mostly flat-lined despite a large untapped market.

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Which way is the wind blowing: A battle for energy supremacy

Posted by Haresh Patel    November 24, 2014

Mercatus Expands Into Wind and Other Distributed Energy Asset Classes

Recognizing a broad market need, Mercatus expands its platform into Wind and other Distributed Energy assets classes. With this major enhancement we help leading energy producers and investors gain a competitive advantage and grow their business faster by accelerating the deployment of capital into a variety of technologies and distributed energy resources.

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Transparency - The Key to Increasing Solar Project Bankability: Featured In SolarNovusToday

Posted by Haresh Patel    November 17, 2014

Creating strong bridges between solar developers and investors is a crucial aspect of project bankability. One powerful way to increase deal flow and speed up project finance is for both sides to implement transparent processes. 

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Low-Cost of Capital Handbook

Posted by Haresh Patel    November 13, 2014

A changing US political landscape following mid-term elections has created massive uncertainty around extension of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).With a potential reduction of the ITC from 30% to 10% in the end of 2016, investors need to leverage new paths to maintain the stellar growth and profits solar power has experienced over the last decade. The Low-Cost of Capital Handbook explores the emerging financing innovations that are key to solar’s future including:

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Are you getting the information and insight to make good business decisions? Is it repeatable and scalable?

Posted by Haresh Patel    November 4, 2014

Everyday we hear executives complain:

“We scramble up to the last minute to produce a single consolidated global view of our business every time we have the need.”
“We run our Development Capital Committee and struggle making good resource and development capital allocation decisions due to lack of solid information and insight."

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Banking on Solar: SPI breakout group on unlocking capital flows

Posted by Haresh Patel    October 29, 2014


Last week at the SPI Convention in Las Vegas we participated in a breakout session on unlocking capital flows into solar power. The group called ‘Banking on Solar’ –which includes leadership from CitiBank, Solar City and the Connecticut Greenbank – discussed the barriers of institutional investment into solar assets and how the industry can mature quickly enough to overcome them.  

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Top Takeaways from the SPI Convention 2014

Posted by Tim Buchner    October 24, 2014

It’s was a busy week at the Solar Power International (SPI) Convention in Vegas. Here are my top takeaways from the conversations and seminars I took part in.

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3 wishes for SPI Conference next week

Posted by Tim Buchner    October 17, 2014

This will be my fifth year in a row attending the Solar Power International (SPI) conference. This year, I hope to see solar industry preparing for a tidal wave of continued growth.

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Big Opportunity for Solar in US schools

Posted by Haresh Patel    October 17, 2014

On September 18, The Solar Foundation released ‘Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools’. Analyzing 125,000 schools, the study found that there are roughly 72,000 schools that could save money by implementing solar. Today, only 3,727 schools have done so. This means that about five percent of the potential market has been tapped.

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Do We Really Need ITC at 30 Percent?

Posted by Haresh Patel    October 13, 2014

Last week I had the privilege of representing Mercatus in Washington DC at a working group hosted by the White House called ‘Innovations to Drive Increased Capital Flows into the Solar Market’. Leadership from major solar developers, investors, and government agencies convened to discuss 1. Growing the primary solar market, and 2. How a young industry like solar could accelerate development of a secondary market. Despite this lofty agenda, concerns about the step down of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from 30% to 10% in 2016 seemed to permeate the entire conversation. My perspective on the issue was only shared by a few…

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